Aberystwyth Printmakers at Brogerddan

In July 2020, as the first COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were being relaxed, Aberystwyth Printmakers moved their studio to premises in Brogerddan,  about three miles outside Aberystwyth, just down the road from Aberystwyth University's IBERS campus. The reason for moving, was due to Old College being closed for major renovations, which will likely take 5 years to complete. There is an option for us to return to Old College once all work has been completed - but truth be told, we rather like our new location in the leafy countryside.

Located in the old Forestry Commission Offices, just outside Penrhyncoch, we have gradually reinvented the studio, taking advantage of the larger premises, shared with seven Arlunwyr yr Hen Goleg - artists from Old College. Being a single storey building is an advantage - allowing for presses to be rolled in and easily installed. Despite being a little isolated, we have ample parking and the workshop can be accessed by bus and by train - which now stops at the new Bow Street station - about 15 minutes walk away.

Developing the workshop, building benches and installing sinks, took longer than we anticipated since the second lockdown interupted our progress. By April 2021, however we were up and running, helped in part by a COVID recovery grant from Arts Council of Wales. Since then we have been getting back to normal, providing facilities for etching, relief printing and lithography. During 2021 and 2022 we have run some classes and we are hoping to have a full programme published for 2023 very soon.

Having IBERS (Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences) next door is proving to be exciting, opening up all sorts of opportunities for developing art-science projects such as paper making using Miscanthus Grasses. Further information can be found from aberystwythprintmakers.org.uk