Mary Lloyd Jones

Hydref 2000

Carborundum Print

Rives White Paper

410mm x 510mm

Edition 35

Eleri Mills

Gorffennaf 2000

Etching and Aquatint

Rives Cream Paper

410mm x 510mm

Edition 35

Showing three state proofs

Year of The Artist Portfolio 2000

In 2000 artists Eleri Mills and Mary Lloyd Jones completed prints for the CASW Year of The Artist Portfolio - a project involving twelve artists each making a print for each month of the year.

The carborundum print Hydref (October) by Mary Lloyd Jones involved three plates drawn with PVA and carborundum, inked a la poupée and in relief to print six colours in an edition of 35.

Two etchings with aquatint Gorffennaf I and Gorffennaf II (July) by Eleri Mills were similarly printed in editions of 35 and 15.

Funds raised by the collaborations helped to set up lithography at The School of Art - to purchase stones and presses

David Tress

Winter at Clegyr Boia 2007


Hahnemühle Paper

306mm x 330mm

Edition 50

Shani Rhys James

The Black Cot 2007


Hahnemühle Paper

406mm x 452mm

Edition 24

CASW 70th Anniversary Portfolio

In 2007 The Contemporary Art Society Wales commissioned the four artists David Tress, Shani Rhys James, Laura Ford and David Nash to make prints for the commemorative portfolio celebrating the 70th anniversary of the society.

Both David and Shani worked on prints at the workshop during the summer of 2007 although only David’s print Winter at Clegyr Boia was included in the final portfolio - printed as a five run lithograph from stone and from plate in an edition of 50.

Shani finally produced an etching for the portfolio - working at the studio at The University of Glamorgan. The The Black Cot  was printed as a single run lithograph in a limited edition of 24.