Welsh Time

Welsh Time comprises of a series of eight two-run lithographs printed for Gregynog Press for inclusion in a new book celebrating the writing of Welsh author Emyr Humphreys. A deluxe edition of 75 leather bound volumes incorporating lithographs printed by hand from stone and from plate were printed. A further standard edition of 175 volumes were printed as a facsimilie - printed using offset lithography. A further limited edition of twelve impressions on Hahnemuhle paper are available as single sheet prints.

The series of eight prints produced for Welsh Time were drawn on stone using lithographic pencil and were printed in two runs: charcoal-brown-black over a light cream colour (mimicking Gampi chine colle). The drawings, inspired by the writings of Emyr Humphries depict a series of changing scenes set against a constant and timeless landscape - which is based in part on the beach and headland at Tan Y Bwlch in Aberystwyth. Suggesting the passage of time, each drawing thus contains references to details from some of the stories, which themselves recount the life and times of characters living and working in Wales over the course of the Twentieth Century.

Welsh Time I - VIII

Paper size 310mm x 250mm     Image size 170mm x 110mm      Hahnemuhle Paper

Deluxe edition printed on Canaletto Hot Press

Gregynog Press ISBN: 978 0 9549839 9 4

Welsh Time I

A Man's Estate (Written in 1955)

Set in the period of 1925-1945

Welsh Time V

Outside the House of Baal (Written in 1965)

Set in the period of 1900 – 1918

Welsh Time II

Flesh and Blood (Written in 1974)     

Set in the period of 1900 – 1918

Welsh Time III

The Little Kingdom (Written in 1946)

Set in the period of 1925 - 1945

Welsh Time IV

Toy Epic (Written in 1958)

Set in the period of 1918 – 1925

Welsh Time VI


Set in the period of 1925 – 1945

Welsh Time VII

Unconditional Surrender (Written in 1976)     

Set in the period of 1945 – 1965

Welsh Time VIII

National Winner (1971)     

Set in the period of 1945 – 1965