Print Studios at The School of Art Aberystwyth

lithography studio


Grieg Motorised Press   31” x 50”- used mainly for plate lithography

Takach Hand Press    34” x 57”

Polymetaal Hand Press   20” x 36”

Small Furnival Hand Press   15" x 24"


The well equipped lithography studio offers excellent facilities for stone, ball grained aluminium plates, photoplate and waterless lithography. Currently we have approximately 40 stones available - the largest being about 30 x 22 inches.

relief printing studio


The Paul Peter Piech Press  38” x 26”

Albion Press   18” x 24”

Proofing Press   16” x 32”


The relief printing studio offers excellent facilities for linocut, woodcut and wood engraving. Relief Printing is taught by Judy Macklin and by visiting artist and PhD student Edwina Ellis RE SWE.

etching studio


Rochat Press 1   26” x 40”

Rochat Press 2   26” x 40”

HalePress 1   32” x 63”


Aberystwyth has developed an innovative system of etching using an ink ground called BIG - Baldwin’s Ink Ground - capable of being used as both soft and hard ground. BIG is also an excellent stop out and in more dilute form can be used to screenprint images on to copper for photo-etching. Currently all etching at Aberystwyth is done using ferric chloride.

For further information about BIG contact Andrew Baldwin at

screenprinting studio


Natgraph Screenprinting Table  34” x 56”

Sericol Screenprinting Table      33” x 45”

Sericol Screenprinting Table      33” x 45”


Natgraph Exposure Unit (5000KW) 55” x 54”


At Aberystwyth we use a water based system of screenprinting using Daler Rowney System 3 and Spectracryl Paints mixed with Spectracryl Screenprinting Gel. Currently we have around thirty screens available for use.