As someone who has trained to be a 'printer' as well as a 'printmaker' – developing a programme of collaboration at The School of Art has been an on-going project that benefits students, providing opportunities for them to meet professional artists who come to the studio to make prints. Over the years since 1999, the number of collaborations possible each year, has not surprisingly, been dependent upon circumstances and the time available. In some years it has been possible to work with several artists - at other times maybe only one opportunity has arisen.

From an educational point of view, students benefit from those artists who do visit Aberystwyth - and they have the opportunity to talk with them and observe, to see how they work in a collaborative situation. On occasion such collaborations can also offer students hands on experience as well - assisting in the preparation of stones and plates and in the printing of final editions.

For the most part - collaborations occur on an adhoc basis and depend upon opportunity and circumstance. Often collaborations have occured when artists like Marcelle Hanselaar or Wuon Gean Ho have come to Aberystwyth for exhibitions at The School of Art. Others such as Pete Williams or Stuart Pearson Wright have been in town as Artists in Residence and have wanted to use the printmaking facilities at the School. For portfolio projects such as those done for the Contemporary Art Society of Wales, APPP, and The Aberystwyth Printmakers Collectors Club however - artists have specifically been invited to the School to make a print. In all cases - a print from each edition and sometimes working proofs as well have been donated to the Aberystwyth University Collection of Prints and Drawings.