A&C Black Series of Printmaking

Stone Lithography

Published as part of the A&C Black Ltd series of Printmaking Handbooks, this book offers full instruction on all processes of stone lithography from stone preparation, drawing with crayon and tusche, etching to printing in black and white and in colour. The volume also includes information about specialist techniques of transfer lithography, acid tint, line engraving, acrylic reversals, soap wash and chine collé. Fully illustrated throughout with examples of prints by artists from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, India and Japan.


Published by A&C Black London Ltd 2001  ISBN 0 7136 5056 7 / ISBN-13 978 0713650563

Published in USA by Watson-Guptill 2003  ISBN 0 8230 4924 8 / ISBN-13 978 0823049240

Published in China by Jilin Fine Art Press 2003  ISBN 5386 1470 2/ J 1177

Plate Lithography

Written as an accompanying volume for Stone Lithography and published as part of the A&C Black series of Printmaking Handbooks. This book covers all aspects of plate lithography including the preparation, drawing and processing of ball-grained zinc and aluminium plates together with instruction on how to print in black and white and in colour using both direct and offset lithography presses. The book also provides information about the use of photoplates as well as a  comprehensive introduction to waterless printing techniques. Fully illustrated throughout with examples of prints by artists from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Germany.


Published by A&C Black Ltd 2003 ISBN 0 7136 5797 9 ISBN-13 978 0713657975

Contemporary Chinese Printmaking

Prints by Artists from Hunan Province

Exhibition catalogue that accompanied the exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Printmaking that opened at The School of Art, Aberystwyth in October 2014. The exhibition includes work by 29 artists - all of whom are members of the Hunan Printmakers Association - and live and work in Changsha and Hunan Province. Introductory essays by Paul Croft and Professor Luo Xiangke.

Published by the School of Art Press 2014 ISBN 978 1 899095 38 4

Fifty: Fifty 30 Years of Drawings and Prints

by Paul Croft RE TMP

Exhibition catalogue that accompanied the retrospective exhibition opening at MOMA Wales during November 2012, includes prints and drawings made by Croft during the last thirty years - since he was a student at Edinburgh College of Art to more recent series of prints based upon Alphabets and objects from the British Museum. The catalogue includes introductory essays by Richard Noyce and Anne Price Owen.


Published by the School of Art Press 2012  ISBN 978 1 899095 30 8

Stone • Plate • Grease • Water

International Contemporary Lithography

Exhibition catalogue for SPGW International Contemporary Lithography, which opened at MOMA Wales, Machynlleth March 2007. The exhibition subsequently toured to the Bankside Gallery in London, August 2007; The Naughton Gallery at Queens University Belfast, September 2007; and to Llantarnam Grange Art centre, Cwmbran March 2008.

Including work by 64 artists from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Argentina, Jordan, Australia, France and Spain - this catalogue has an introductory essay concerning the current status and popularity of lithography, together with comprehensive notes and a glossary of technical terms.


Published by School of Art Press 2007 ISBN-13 978 1 899095 25 4