Xiaoxiang Exhibition of International Printmaking

The Xiaoxiang Exhibition of International Printmaking is being co-curated between Aberystwyth and Changsha and is due to open at The Mei Lun Gallery at Hunan Fine Art Institute, Changsha in November 2015.

The exhibition has arisen through developing contact and collaboration with The Hunan Printmakers Association, Changsha Central South University and Changsha Normal University. In 2014 this led to two major exhibitions including 界 Jie (Borders) at Houhu International Art Park in Changsha and Contemporary Chinese Printmaking, which was held at The School of Art Aberystwyth. Further information about these two shows can be found on this website.

The Xiaoxiang project is being organised in two parts to include work for exhibition and also prints for a collaborative portfolio. It is intended that 80 artists (50 International / 30 artists from China) will be included in the exhibition, while 50 (nominally 30 International / 20 artists from China) will be invited to participate in the portfolio.

The exhibition intends to showcase the best of contemporary printmaking and will seek to include work by artists from China, UK and Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, and South America. All media and any combination of media will be permitted. Criteria for selection of prints will likely focus upon images that use innovative approaches to printmaking.

Currently the title for the portfolio roughly translates as Language and the Future and as with other similar collaborative portfolios, artists will be permitted to respond to this in a relatively loose manner and in whatever way they like.

The portfolio will be produced as two box sets so each artist will be asked to print an edition of 35 prints. This will ensure that there will be two sets of 25 prints for the participating artists and 10 complete sets of 50 prints for National / International Collections.

Exhibition Details

Exhibition Opening: 14 November 2015

Exhibition:      15 November – 30 November 2015

Venue:          Mei Lun Gallery at Hunan Fine Art Institute, Changsha


Printmaking Committee of The China Artists Association

Hunan Fine Arts Institute (Hunan Fine Art Publishing House)

Hunan Artists Association

Changsha Normal University


Paul Croft      (School of Art Aberystwyth)

Kang Jianfei (Secretary of Printmaking Association of China Academy of Fine Arts)

Luo Xiangke(Changsha Normal University)


80 in total

30 International Artists (Invited by Paul Croft)

20 International Artists (Invited by Changsha)

30 Artists from China (Invited by Changsha)


Maximum of 2 Prints from each artist (ideally made during the last 2 years)

Minimum size 300mm x 300mm (negotiable)

Maximum size 1200mm x 1800mm (negotiable)


Any traditional media including intaglio, relief printing, screenprinting, lithography monoprint and digital – used singly or in combination as multi media / hybrid prints

The Mei Lun Gallery at Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Changsha